Wednesday, March 22, 2017

List of best courses to obtain PR in Australia 2017

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Over 200,000 students emigrate from India to study abroad every year. Countries they mostly move to are US, UK and Australia. Australia, lately has been a preferred choice for a huge number of students and the statistics vouch for that. More than 9 percent of total student population of Australia is made up of Indian students and the numbers are expected to rise exponentially in coming years. Students prefer to move to the land down under to pursue different courses in order to pave their way to a bright future.

Australian education system and universities are known for their unique and innovative approach towards education. No wonder, 6 Australian universities are there in the list of the top 100 global universities.

PR in Australia 2017

➜ Let’s take a look at some of the most popular courses-

➤ Accountancy: Australia offers brilliant prospects to those who wish to study accounting down under. Australian universities offer various courses related to accountancy. After finishing Master Of Accounting Management which is CPA Australia and Institute of Chartered Accountants Of Australia (ICAA) certified, one can apply to enter the ICAA or CPA professional studies program. Individuals with an accounting degree from Australian university can shape their career as Financial Planners, Investment Analyst, Tax Agent and so forth.

➤ Sports Management: Being a sports fanatic nation itself, there is no better place to study sports management other than Australia. Sports management involves managing the business aspect of sports inclusive of directing, planning, organizing, budgeting, facility management, marketing, revenue generation and so forth. Those aspiring for a sports management degree can go for bachelor’s or master’s program. Deakin University, La Trobe University, The University of Monash, Queensland University and Griffith University are few of the top universities offering sports management programs.

➤ Engineering: Engineering is somewhat of a fad in India and the number of Indian students choosing to study engineering in Australia is rising significantly. Better career trajectory and growth prospects are the reasons behind more and more students wanting to study engineering in Australia. Courses offered in the field of engineering are: Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Metallurgical among others. The ever increasing demand for engineers is another good news for Indian students studying engineering in Australia. According to a forecast by The Australian National Engineering Taskforce, Australia will require more engineers than ever before in near future.

➤ MBA: Like engineering, MBA is another most sought after career choice in India. Often seen as the threshold of the corporate world, an MBA course from Australia can do your career a world of good. Australia boasts upon some of the best MBA institutions inclusive of Monash Business School, The Australian National University Of Business & Economics and University of Sydney Business School to name a few.

➤ Medical Doctors & Nursing: if you have a thing for people care and you have been considering to move to Australia to pursue a course in nursing or to obtain a medical degree, there couldn’t be a better time than now. A report by Healthcare Workforce Australia predicts shortage of skilled medical staff in Australia in coming years. Australian government has predicted a shortage of over 100,000 nurses by 2025. And hence, Healthcare sector jobs will be on rise in Australia in 2017 and coming years. Lack of availability of doctors has already impacted West Australia which is spending over 500 million per annum in medicare funded medical services.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

3 Inevitable Reasons to Hire Professional Immigration Consultant for Australian Student Visa

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You waited patiently for the desirable opportunities to study in Australia.
Approached to a renowned university for the study program, received Confirmation of Enrolment and applied for the student visa.
While you are daydreaming about the global network of contacts and international careers, you come across with the news “YOUR VISA HAS BEEN REJECTED”.
And you feel all your dreams get crushed like a piece of glass broken into shards.
Well, no matter whether you’ve witnessed such situation or not, there is nothing more disappointing than getting a visa rejection.
While the reasons may vary depending on different cases, student visa commonly get rejected due to financial inadequacy, incorrect or false information, unimpressive academic credentials and lack of supporting documents.
This is where an immigration or studentvisa consultant makes a difference. Hiring an authorised consultant for the visa application ensures higher rate of favourable outcome than applying by your own.
Australian Student Visa

➨ Here’s how:
➤ Authorised Consultants are well-versed with Immigration Rules: A registered migration agent in Australia always abides by a strict code of conduct. They have the experience and professional knowledge to assist clients in immigration effectively.
Getting their consultation means you are duly screened by seasoned professionals. They handle all the expectations from authorities with utmost diligence and provide favourable outcome.
➤ Shield You From the Hassles of Application Process: Another major benefit you get from reliable migration agents is you don’t have to spend hours researching for the document checklist or visa options.
They are aware of the potential drawbacks and able to spot an error in your application before it comes to the notice of immigration officers. Their comprehensive services cover everything from giving the sound advice to prepare a strong case for your application.
➤ No False Commitments: Hiring reputed consultants always provide a guarantee that you will not be deceived or cheated. There are certain rules and regulations which confines them from misdeed or crime. They never indulge in preparation of false documents to attain visa for the clients.
While the choice of hiring a certified immigration consultant is optional, the benefits are many and substantial. So, why take a chance? 
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