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All You Need to Know about PTE Exam Scoring Pattern

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Scoring Pattern of PTE Exam

Know about PTE
PTE is a computer-based test aimed to determine the English proficiency of non-native English speakers who dream to study or settle abroad. It tests an aspirant’s English proficiency in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening in a 3-hour test session.

There are many test takers who are not fully aware of the scoring pattern of PTE Test. Just as knowing PTE Exam Structure and undergoing PTE Exam Preparation is important, knowing the PTE Exam Scoring Pattern is also equally important.

Scoring Pattern of PTE Exam

PTE Exam is scored against the Global Scale of English. It provides an accurate snapshot of an aspirant’s performance on a scale of 10-90.

Generally, PTE Exam is scored using automated scoring system.

The PTE Writing Section is scored using “Intelligent Essay Assessor (IEA)”. IEA can be tuned to understand and evaluate the text written in any subject area of the Test. It incorporates in-built detectors that recognize off-topic responses or such other situations that are to be referred by human readers.

The PTE Speaking Section is scored using Pearson’s “Ordinate Technology”. This technology makes use of proprietary Speech Processing System which is designed specifically to test, analyse and automatically score speech of native as well as non-native speakers.

This scoring system is implemented after testing data samples of over 10,000 students in about 120 native languages.

On PTE scorecard of a test taker, one can find the overall score, scores for communicative skills as well as enabling skills. The scorecard includes:

Overall Score

Communicative Skills

Speaking Score
Listening Score
Reading Score
Writing Score

Enabling Skills
Grammar Score
Oral Fluency Score
Pronunciation Score
Spelling Score
Vocabulary Score
Written Discourse Score

Item Scoring

All items in the PTE Test are machine scored. Item scoring is done on the basis of either the correctness of the response or based upon the correctness, formal aspects and quality of response.

Formal aspects in context to item scoring refer to the form of response: for example, whether the response is under or over the word limit and quality of response is represented in enabling skills: for example, in items like re-tell lecture, scoring is done on the basis of oral fluency and pronunciation.

In general, there are two types of scoring: correct or incorrect & partial scoring.

Correct or Incorrect Scoring

If the given response is correct, score will be credited by 1 point. But, if the response is incorrect, no points will be awarded.

Partial Scoring

If the given response is correct, maximum score is provided. If the response is partially correct, then some points will be given but that points won’t exceed the maximum score available for that item. But, if the response is completely incorrect, no score points will be credited.

Know the PTE Scoring Pattern in Detail

There are three main parts in the PTE Test: Speaking & Writing (together), Reading and Listening. The test is conducted in an environment where the test takers use a computer to read and respond to questions whereas a headset is provided to listen to questions for the Listening section.

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

The time provided for this section is 77-93 minutes.

Item Type
No. of Questions
Type of Scoring
Skills Tested
Read Aloud
30-35 minutes
Partial Credit
Repeat Sentence
Describe Image
Re-tell Lecture
Answer Short Questions
Correct/Incorrect Scoring
Summarize Written Text
20-30 minutes
Partial Credit
Write Essay
20-40 minutes

Part 2: Reading

The time provided for this section is 32-41 minutes.

Item Type
No. of Questions
Type of Scoring
Skills Tested
Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer
32-41 minutes
Correct/Incorrect Scoring
Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
Partial Scoring (Points get deducted for choosing incorrect options)
Re-order Paragraphs
Partial Scoring
Reading: Fill in the Blanks
Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks
Reading & Writing

Part 3: Listening

The time provided for this section is 45-57 minutes.

Item Type
No. of Questions
Type of Scoring
Skills Tested
Summarize Spoken Test
20-30 minutes
Partial Scoring
Listening & Writing
Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
23-28 minutes
Partial Scoring (Points will be deducted for choosing incorrect options)
Fill in the blanks
Partial Scoring
Listening & Writing
Highlight Correct Summary
Correct/Incorrect Scoring
Listening & Reading
Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer
Select Missing Word
Highlight Incorrect Words
Partial Scoring (Points will be deducted for choosing incorrect options)
Listening & Reading
Write from dictation
Partial Scoring
Listening & Writing

The minimum and maximum time indicated for the sections of each part of the test do not add up to the total time stated above. None of the test taker will get the maximum or minimum time indicated.


Having known the scoring pattern of PTE Exam, you can now put your efforts in the right direction. For better assistance or guidance on all the four modules or to improve your performance, you can go for PTE Coaching and also visit our Online Portal PTE Tutorials

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5 Tips To Ace Your PTE Academic Writing Section

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Are you in search of effective writing tips for your PTE Academic Writing Test? Be it any form of writing, it is always demanding, challenging, and a bothering issue for all the aspirants. Starting from penning down the essential points till manoeuvring your ideas, writing entails brainstorming to create a unique piece.

👉 The PTE Academic writing module comprises of two sections.

✔ Summarize Written Text: This section includes a passage which the test takers need to summarize in a single sentence of 75 words in the given time of 10 minutes.

✔ Essay Writing: In this section, the test takers need to write down an essay of about 200-300 words on the provided topic in the given time of 20 minutes.

Most of the students or aspirants appearing for the PTE Academic have troubles mainly with the Writing Section, especially, with essay writing.

👉 Here is a key point that would help you improve your PTE Academic Writing score.

The first rule of PTE Academic Writing section is to stick to the mentioned word limit strictly. Writing either less or more words than the specified word limit would result in a poor score. Having informed this, below mentioned are some helpful strategies to achieve a better score.

👉 Write relevant content

It is significant for a test taker to understand the given topic. You need to identify if the provided topic is asking a specific answer to the given question or is it asking to pen down your thoughts either in its favor or against it.

For example, “Actions speak louder than words. Do you agree or not?” For an answer to such questions, you first need to be clear about what your opinion is. Is it in favor of the topic or against it?
After finalising your answer, you must channelize your thoughts in the essay. Be careful that you don’t start writing points or arguments that are not relevant to your content (i.e. Off-Topic points). Your content must be intact and purely related to the topic.

👉 Keep it Simple

Though you have prepared well for your writing section, brushed up your vocabulary, or even gained a great command of the language, it is always advisable to write simple sentences rather than opting for long and convoluted statements. More complex the sentences, more the chances are of getting errors.

Trying to mention every idea in one sentence or elaborating an idea in one sentence will likely invite more grammar and spelling mistakes. So, it is beneficial to be precise and clear with your content. The PTE test assessors will focus on the logic and content rather than the complexity of the sentences.
👉 Manage to complete your essay within allotted time

Create a plan or note down some key points before you start writing an essay.

Most of the aspirants think it is a waste of time and they start writing as soon as they read the topic. As they reach halfway, another thought flashes all of a sudden in their mind, and they start writing afresh. This would result in leaving the essay incomplete which in turn would affect the score.

Instead, it is recommended to write the keywords so that your focus remains only on the keywords while writing the essay. 

👉 Write in the “Correct” format

The essay you write in your PTE Academic Writing Test must be structured, organised, and relevant to the topic. When it comes to structuring an essay, there are multiple options to it, and it may vary from one individual to another. Here are some strategies to write in the ‘right’ format.
  • You can start writing the introduction paragraph.
  • Rather than writing lengthy statements, adopt the habit of writing shorthand sentences that define your idea.
  • The format of the essay should be such that the assessor can understand your points and idea.
  • End your essay with a striking conclusion. But, remember that you should not end it with strong opinions or judgements.
👉 Start Practicing Beforehand
  • Build your vocabulary by reading newspapers, articles, novels, and whatever you get to read.
  • Learn the usage of punctuations and apply them at proper places in your essay.
  • Avoid grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Proofread the essay in the end to avoid errors.
  • Practice typing beforehand so that your typing speed improves.
Besides the tips mentioned above, PTE Coaching Classes serve as a benefactor in PTE preparation. With experienced PTE faculties, Aussizz Group has evolved as a leading PTE Coaching in Pune, Ahmedabad, Anand, and across other cities. Online PTE Mock tests offered by the organization provide a realistic flair of the original PTE exam.

Better practice and perfect guidance blends to make a winsome formula to ace your PTE exam.

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Steps to Take When IELTS Test Results Are Delayed

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IELTS examination officials at times withhold or postpone the IELTS test results for a long period. There is often little that you can do to ensure that you get your IELTS test result on time. However, we understand that it can be frustrating in case your results face delay since it messes up the time for you to fill the college application before the end of application date.

👉 Here are some steps that you can take when your IELTS test result face delay.

1. Contact Examination Centre

There is a possibility that a lot of people appeared for the IELTS exam from the same examination centre as you did. In such a scenario, it is common for the examination centre to take a slightly more time to collect the test papers and send it for evaluation. You can contact the examination centre officials for more information on the expected date for results.

2. Contact your IELTS Coaching Centre

It is likely that your IELTS Class teachers are in touch with the IELTS officials on a regular basis. In some cases, it is possible that your institution can contact the necessary officials for more information. If all fails, the education counsellors will do a good job at pacifying you while you wait for the results.

3. Keep Admission Form Ready

Make sure that you keep your admission forms filled and ready for mail when your results face delay. You will find that the application for most colleges is quite lengthy and it takes a considerable amount of time to fill all the necessary details. Make sure that you fill all details except the delayed IELTS score before the results are declared.

4. Contact the University/College for Extension

Most of the universities understand that IELTS results face delay due to one or more reasons. You can contact the customer helpline of the university directly, asking them for an extension on the application date due to a delay in the results. In such cases, the university will ask you to mail the rest of the application for review before your IELTS results are declared.

5. Wait

The last but not the least important thing that you can do when your results face a delay is waiting for them to come out. It is evident from the history of the examination that the tests often go through a rigorous testing process and the results face delays more than often. There is a good chance that all of your friends who gave the exam with you are waiting on their results too. 

In certain cases, you will also get an official SMS from the IELTS department stating the revised date of result declaration in case of a delay. On the off-chance that you do not get any SMS, you can just wait and follow the steps given above to be better prepared.

IELTS Coaching in Ahmedabad

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Courses & Specialisations that you can choose to Study in Australia

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Study in Australia 

Since past two years, the total number of international student studying in Australia is breaking the records; in 2016 it was more than half a million. The ‘land down under’ offers an exceptional education which makes the Australian Degree highly recognised and preferred by the employers worldwide. 

You can start your professional journey in Australia post your studies, or you can decide to study in Australia and gradually build a professional career. Australian Qualifications Framework lists out the various level of courses you can opt for right from intermediate, i.e., Certificate level to Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors, Graduate Diploma, Masters, Doctorate. You can choose your specialisation as well. 

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT): For ICT aspirants, there are options to study Computer Systems and Network, Software Engineering, Enterprise Information System, Software Information System, Information Systems, Project Management, Software Development
  • Accounting: You can opt for majoring in accounting with Master of Professional Accounting or consider studying Bachelor of Commerce with accounting specialisation. You can choose for specific studies like cost accounting or management accounting, financial accounting.
  • Nursing: If you are looking to enter in the field or nursing or advance your career in this area, there are many specialisations that you can target as it will benefit you concerning job and overall career. You can study psychiatric nursing, clinical nursing, mental health nursing, paediatric illness and conditions care, palliative care nursing,
  •  Engineering: For the aspirants looking to become an engineer, there is a whole lot of different specialisation depending upon which particular industry interests you. You can study the bachelor of engineering with the specific specialisation, or if you already have a Bachelor’s degree, you can opt for masters that are further concentrated to a particular function of the industry. For example, there are courses like mechanical and material engineering, structural engineering, biomedical engineering and so on.  

According to the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2016-2017, there are 6 universities of Australia that feature in the top 100 from a total of 35 top universities in Australia. Following are the Top 6: 

1. University of Melbourne (world rank-33)
2. Australian National University (world rank-47)
3. University of Queensland (world rank-60)
4. University of Sydney (world rank-60)
5. Monash University (world rank-74)
6. University of New South Wales (world rank-78)

According to the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017, following are the top universities of Australia that fall in the list of top 100. 

1. Australian National University (world rank-22)
2. University of Melbourne (world rank-42)
3. University of Sydney (world rank-46)
4. University of New South Wales (world rank-49)
5. University of Queensland (world rank-51)
6. Monash University (world rank-65)

Thus, there is a pool of opportunity for you to plunge into. You have many chances to succeed once you decide to take action. One way to ensure that you take a right step towards your academic career is consulting trusted education consultants

Aussizz Group with more than eight years of experience and a team of more than 200 qualified professionals have assisted numerous students to decide a well-suited course option to study. The education and immigration agents have thorough knowledge and experience to provide you best advice. You can feel free to contact our education consultants in Hyderabad or give us a call on +91-40-6682-6688 or email us on hyderabad@aussizzgroup.com 

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